Gone But Not Forgotten by Mary Tremonte

Gone But Not Forgotten by by Mary Tremonte

Gone but not Forgotten: Women who died while serving life sentences in Pennsylvania’s prisons from 1982 – 2020

Irma Garcia
Mary Mamon
Shelia Kalbaugh
Jane Barilak
Ruby Caruso
Deborah Marroquin
Violet Williams
Deloris Garner
Delores Castro
Dorothy Finley
Carmen Lozada
Mildred Davis
Kim Bryant
Ruth Robinson
Casandra Simpson
Mary Baumann
Phyllis Krout
Frances Haskins
Rose Buckner
Elaine Dietz
Marlene Rahatt
Kathy Macclellan
Joann Lawrence
Sharon Wiggins
Twla Thompson
Renee Thomas
Jessie Grove
Geraldine Lucas
Dorothy Barlett
Lois Farquharson     
Kathleen Foley
Patricia Tempest
Sheri Robbinson
Diane  Metzger
Theresa Nunez
Gwendolyn Shamberger
Brenda Baker

Died on Medical Release

Theresa Battles        
Joanne Butler
Eliza Medly

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Mary is a part of the Just Seeds Artist Cooperative who have been long time supporters of this annual art show for the last 4 years!

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