We Depend on Each Other To Survive by Nikolai Peacock

We Depend on Each Other To Survive (2020) by Nikolai Peacock

Cyanotype photogram

For this piece, I collected several plants that resonated with me, based on research and personal experience, and printed them using the cyanotype process. Plants were picked with intent and thought towards resilience, transformation, and healing. There are plants to symbolize the members of our trans community that are incarcerated – many of whom lack access to the medical treatment they often need in order to transition. Red clover and pine are plants that contain hormones: testosterone (pine) and a phytoestrogen (red clover). Herbs like mugwort and yarrow symbolize the importance of visionary dreams and healing wounds. Tree roots work through the piece to strengthen and connect. I included some different types of seeds and seed pods as well, looking always towards the future while spreading the knowledge of generations.

Nature teaches the importance of change and transformation, diversity and interdependence. I do not believe that any human is less deserving of the opportunity to get a second chance. I believe in the strength of communities to stand together in solidarity, and our power to effect real change. This piece is an expression of my solidarity and deep desire to see transformative justice and trauma healing to all survivors of abuse and police violence. We depend on each other to survive.

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